Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Man and Peanut have a developed an interest in gymnastics...they looked at the book and then tried a few moves...

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  1. hi! i dont remember how i came across your blog; it is very inspiring! i love seeing all the natural, child led fun they are having! we homeschool our 3 boys(going into our 4th year and awaiting to adopt our daughter soon!), and i am hoping to add more color and baking and rythym to our days! could you tell me- do u just put all the activities, puzzles, etc out all the time accessible, and the kids just busy themselves? do they ever just wander around, fussy, not sure what to do? i guess iam asking, how do u make this work in a home environment, where they have access to sooo much? do they need to be directed? sorry for the long post! look forward to checking back in w u!