Friday, January 11, 2013

One of our wonderful families donated this large whiteboard for our classroom. The children just love it....another great outlet for my new writers.

We do a lot of cooking at Tree House, I believe in eating "clean" and we avoid processed food. We make most of our food from scratch. The children enjoy helping to make their meals. Here Tank is cutting carrots for soup, we make our own hummus for snack, and cornbread to go with our Veggie Chili.

My little Marble....she loves to paint "round and round"

We went into the woods to do some tracking...we found fox, squirrel, deer and mouse tracks, then we spent some time sliding on rocks.

This is the most popular work on the shelves at the moment. It is pouring with a funnel, but there is a catch as the material(very small clear plastic cubes and small silver balls) jams in the funnel, the children then use a small skewer to help move the material through the funnel. The children are fascinated by this.

Tiger using the mortar and pestle to grind up bread crumbs. We then put the bread crumbs outside for the birds.

Mouse tweezing snowflake erasers.....

Underneath the cute rooster hat is Iish working on 'locks and keys'

Tank and Little Foot working on spooning...

Colour mixing with 3 primary colours...

Some language work....matching pictures to initial sounds and clapping syllables.

We have started the year learning about measuring. We have learned how to measure time and how to use measuring cups. Here Princess is doing the "days of the week" work

The older children are so eager to work together. The Montessori materials lend themselves very well to working in small groups.

We planted our Amaryllis Bulb that I received from one of our families for Christmas. This was a great activity this week as we are learning about measuring. We had to measure 3 1/2 cups of water to add to the soil puck. It is going to be fun to watch the Amaryllis grow over the next couple of weeks.