Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peanut spent over an hour working her way through the B level of Wedgits and into level C.

Little Man and Peanut playing a game of Trouble.

The children play so well together most of the time. We spend a lot of time working on being peaceful and being kind.

Afternoon Snack Today

Veggies and dip with whole wheat crackers......

Monday, June 28, 2010

Peanut moved up to the next level of Wedgits and raced through five cards...then lay back for a little rest. I love Wedgits. There are four levels with 10 cards per level and each card just a little harder than the previous one. A great activity for copying patterns with a little math thrown in for good measure. Definately an activity that grows with the child.


I have had the Wedgits on the shelves all year...and now that we are in the midst of our big "reno" I only have room for a few things on shelves.....I kept out the Wedgits. They don't get used everyday but the children always go back to them.

Tiger does Playdoh everyday...not necessarily a Montessori activity but it is set-up and presented in a Montessori way. Tiger sets up his own work space, does his work and then puts everything away where it belongs.....learning to complete a "work cycle"

Outside fun today....

"Hold on tight"

Princess and Tiger copy everything the "big kids" do....

The Mud Puddle

Setting up for todays adventure....

This is the point of the bike in the mud puddle....everyone went home with a bag of laundry.

During this afternoons "work" period

Bean worked her way through the entire "A" level of the Wedgits....

Peanut put the finishing touches to todays art/craft project...
Little Man chose Lego....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bean spent some time working with the 3D shape sorter early this morning. It really was daylight even though it looks dark in the windows.

Iish practicing his scissor skills...Jake enjoyed watching Iish do his work.

Princess drawing on the chalkboard.

Tiger chose shining pennies again today...this is a more challenging work for the little ones as there is several steps involved in the set up.

Princess tried shining pennies today..she has wanted to try this work for a few weeks...I think she is ready for it now...she really enjoyed it.

Princess working on the shape sorter....


We finally got around to painting our Potters Wasp's nests today.....

Today's mud puddle shot...they made the puddle then moved in the slide...Iish spent a whole hour just sliding down into the mud...he loved it!!!!

I love these two books...they are a part of a new set of early readers put out by World Vision....the pictures are just beautiful in each of these books.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recycled Crayon Art

This was fun....first we sorted out the broken crayons, then we peeled them, then Tiger's favourite part we smashed them, then put the pieces on paper, covered them with wax paper and ironed them....so cool watching the colours melt. The finished projects were so pretty.

I introduced Tiger to polishing pennies today...
Tiger spent a lot of his outdoor playtime today driving the car around...he would then pop out to pick up a "special" piece of gravel and then continue on his travels.

We have had a lot of excitement in the skies overhead the last few weeks....Tiger just spotted another helicopter.
Today's mud puddle shot....not a day goes by that the children don't play with this area. Sorry moms for all the wash but your children are having so much "clean" fun.

We checked our vegetable garden today..

Tiger still loves to inspect the compost bin...

Peanut and Bean wanted to check on the progress of their beans....some slugs have eaten a few holes in the leaves...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This work is really too easy for Peanut so I was interested to see what she was going to do with it....she proceeded to use the shapes as pattern tiles and make other polygons. Princess thought it looked pretty interesting so she sat down to watch.

Preparing strawberries for morning snack....


For art today we did wet-on-wet paintings
The making of the mud puddle...they discovered if they poured water in the back of the truck it spurted out the sides..

Dancing in the mud puddle

Monday, June 21, 2010

Princess loves doing the world map puzzle

Animal train...

This game progressed to delivering each of the animals to their appropriate habitat....then she built a "lighthouse" to watch over the world.
Little Man and Peanut went on a bug hunt...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The children helped make a Primavera sauce for lunch on Thursday.
Decorating our Father's Day cards.

Iish and Tiger putting the finishing touches on their Father's Day gifts.

Trying to get Jake to keep the hat on...

We washed down all our outdoor toys today...