Friday, April 30, 2010

Circle Time

Round about, round about
In a fairy ring.
Thus, we dance, thus we dance, Thus we sing.
Trip and go, to and fro, over the green grass we go.
Round about, in and out, for our fairy queen.


This week I told the story of The Story Catcher. I found the story on Suzanne Down's
newsletter. Each day I drew a new picture from the story on a small chalkboard to show the children.

We have been having great weather and are spending lots of time outside.

I am not sure why they are so interested in the compost bin but they both have to check it everyday...

Music For Young Children music class

Each Friday Miss Becca comes to the Tree House and does a Music Pups class with the children....they love it!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday is Soup Day!

Today we made Cream of was delicious.
We have enjoyed having Iish with us all week....he has enjoyed learning some new skills.

Peanut and Bean are enjoying collecting dandilions.

The girls were pretending to be polar they are building a den for themselves.

We have gathered these large branches to make a bean house...

Tiger likes to check on the compost....

The Tree House Gang enjoyed their soup for lunch today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All aboard.....


For handwork this week we are making May Day Crowns...the wild flowers are not blooming in our neck of the woods we are making them from ribbon and tissue paper, an idea I found in Earthways.

Another beautiful sunny spring day...

Taking 'baby' for a walk.

Princess and Tiger have spent a lot of time climbing on these rocks this week.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This was cute this morning...peanut took the tower blocks and said "come on everyone, I'll show you how to build them" the "littles" all followed her and sat down to watch.....of course when she had it built Princess was quick to knock it down.

Baking Day

Today we took a break from our usual bread and made Blueberry loaves.
Our newest member of the Tree House Gang Iish loved stiring the blueberries into the batter......he also loved the loaf at snack time and ate 3 slices.

This loaf was very good. We ate it for snack this afternoon and everyone took a slice home to share.

Peanut playing "Sleeping Beauty"

Art-Crayoning on Monday

We drew pictures from this week's story...The Story Catcher.

Outside today...what a gorgeous day!

This was cute, one by one the three "littles" joined each other at the picnic table.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shining up our apples to make our snack.

Everyone enjoying our morning snack.
As Friday is our cleaning day we decided to help clean our Earth today....we put on some special gloves....and away we went to look for garbage.

We met a Mama and Papa duck on our walk.


After a busy morning the Littles are all snug in their playpens and the "Big" children are off dancing with the fairies....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soup Day

Today we made Cream of Mushroom soup....the children all loved it ( I was a little surprised)

Outside today

This little bridge is still getting lots of use.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Art is Modeling

Today we used Playdoh.

Handwork/Gardening Day

Today we went into the vegetable garden to rake the winter leaves from our vegetable beds.

Can you see what they are looking at?
This lovely fellow was under some leaves in one of the garden beds....