Friday, October 28, 2011

Week of Oct 24-28,2011......This week our learning focus has been Space!

Sharing a good book with friends.

Learning to do buttons...

Tiger is very interested in learning his letters at present. It was the perfect time to introduce him to the Moveable Alphabet. Here he is matching the letters to the sandpaper letters. This exercise will help him learn where the letters are located in the Moveable Alphabet tray.
Wheels working on dry pouring with a funnel.

Peanut working on a solar system project...

Wheels doing dropper work....this is great work for enhancing his fine motor skills and developing the pincer grip needed for writing.

Flowerpot working with the pink tower.
Tiger has never really taken an interest in the insets until this week when I showed him how to use the circle insets to make planets and the sun....He also wanted a book to copy from.

Flowerpot reading the number books.

Tiger making another sun......

The girls are doing the "smat" I Spy box together!
Tiger has done this scissor work everyday this week...and what an improvement in his scissor skills in a week!

Opening and Closing is still a popular work this week...

Flowerpot matching the Moveable Alphabet letters to the sandpaper letters...
Making Halloween Cards..

Painting bats for our Friday art project!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tiger setting up his work to bath the doll......this work has lots of steps. Tiger did it perfectly!

Flowerpot thinks bathing the baby is lots of fun...

Music class on Wednesdays

Mrs Becca is our music teacher....

Tiger was so pleased with himself....he was able to do the screwdriver board all by himself
Peanut did an "I Spy" box with Princess

Tiger doing his cutting work.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peanut showing Iish how to open one of the containers on our opening and closing tray.

Tank doing his favourite work...discs in a box.
Mixing up some Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins.

Making Leaf Prints

Friday, October 14, 2011

Peanut wanted to make a spiral with the knobless cylinders today.
I ecxhanged the spindles in the spindle box for Halloween pencils. Little changes keep the works "ever new" for the little ones.

Young children just love to use scissors.
The children all love to use the Bingo Daubers.

After watching Peanut make a spiral with the knobless cylinders, Sparkle wanted to arrange the knobbed cylinders from tallest to shortest.

I changed the small items in our opening and closing work to Halloween objects. Flowerpot thought the crazy eyeballs were so funny!
We made leaf monoprints. It is always so much fun swishing the paint around on the paint boards.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This has been a very popular work this week....putting pencil toppers (erasers) on pencils. I have some Halloween shaped erasers that make a really cool popping sound when you pull them off the pencils.


We have been learning about the needs of people this week. Today we talked about all people need a home to live in. For art we made house collages.

Flowerpot did a great job making her house collage...

Our fall music classes started today......

Miss Becca is wonderful with the children....

Learning how to play the castenets.

Choose your instrument children...its time for the Tree House ensemble.

The tone bars....

Oct. 13, 11

This was one of those wonderful moments when I wished I could have captured the conversation as well...they were discussing each geometric solid; what they knew about each was so precious. Sometimes you are not sure exactly how much the children are taking in but when you get to hear them discuss it you understand what Maria Montessori called the "Absorbent Mind".


Today we made fruit prints....we used apples, pears and lemons.

What a wonderful sensory experience for a little one...

Oct. 6, 2011

Guess what kind of soup we are making?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stone is a Thanksgiving tradition at Tree House to have everyone bring a vegetable on the soup day before Thanksgiving...then we act out the story of Stone Soup together....every year it is a little different.

Oct 11, 2011

We have leaf rubbing on the art shelf.