Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We have had a few rainy days lately. The children have been enjoying spending time in the classroom. I always miss our classroom time by the this part of the summer and I am eager to get back to regular classtime.

One of our students went to the east coast for their summer holiday. It seemed like a great time to introduce our new Canada map.

Welcome, Mouse! Mouse will be starting Tree House full-time this fall. She has been visiting for a few days over the summer so we can get to know each other.

Everyone, busy working.....

The older children are quick to lend a helping hand to a younger child.

Matching the moveable alphabet letters to the sandpaper letters......one of the games the children enjoy to familiarize themselves with the moveable alphabet.

Wedgits are not a traditional Montessori material but they are much loved by the children here, in fact everyone of all ages would enjoy this unique design toy. The youngest children enjoy building with them, when they are a little older they use them like a puzzle, and then they use the design cards to follow the designs. The design cards increase in difficulty so that even an adult would find them interesting.

The children have had so much fun playing outside this summer....we spend all morning outside. This has been a favourite game, sailing off on an adventure.

Finally the peas are ready to harvest.....we have been enjoying snacking on these sweet treasures.

Our oak tree has dropped an abundant load of acorns.....so I have presented a new "care of outdoor environment work" raking and scooping acorns.

Carrying the radish tops back to the garden to put in the compost bin.

We picked our first crop; radishes! We washed them, ate a few, then took the rest home to share with our families.