Friday, November 23, 2012

I have wanted to add a class mailbox to our language shelf for a while now....I finally purchased one last weekend. I think the children have had fun sending notes to each other this week.

Drip painting has been our special art project this week...

I usually don't present sandpaper letters to children until they are 3yrs but Mouse and Tank have been asking for "letters". They are seeing the older children working with them and are now interested too. Each day Mouse comes in and takes out the "o" she says its sound and then writes "o" and "c" her special letter.....

Tank exploring with our magnet exploration box....even I can't help playing with this box

Mouse working with the Pink Tower....

What a perfect little watcher you are Mouse...hands behind your back to remind you not to touch your friend's work as you watch Tank working with colour box 2

Iish was excited to use the letter stamps to make words

Our learning focus this week was the atmosphere...that lead us to learning a little about the importance of the sun, why the moon changes shape, and weather. For our group painting this week we studied Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

Making blue swirls like Van Gogh

A little dot marker work with a friend.....this was a very cute moment

A very Happy Birthday Iish.......I love you lots!

Iish's Daddy came to read Iish's favourite story during his birthday celebration. I am blessed with some great families at Tree House.

Bread making each week is such a wonderful sensory experience for the children. We used our dough to make Cinnamon Buns this week....they were super!

Sparkle is now able to try the building cards for the Wedgits.

This is our "Open and Closing" is always a favourite of the 2's and 3's. This month I have put different gem stones in each container. There are zips, snaps, clips, latches and other different fasteners on each container.

Sparkle visited us again was wonderful having a former student come for the day to visit.

Tiger and Princess are so interested in writing words.....they love that they are able to write now!

This week we learned of the importance of the sun to life on earth....we learned that the sun makes the plants grow and we need plants to support all other life on earth as they are the bottom of the food chain....we then made some food chains

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What a great week......lots of work, lots of outdoor play and we finished off with our annual fall Lantern Walk!

The children prepared Pumpkin Nut Cookies and Hot Apple Cider for their parents to enjoy after our Lantern Walk on Friday night!

This week the children brought small toys and treats to pack into Christmas Child Boxes.

Little Foot is now able to use all four colours on our easel, one brush at a time....he was enjoying his new ability. He was so proud of his art, when his mom came he ran to his cubby and did a little dance while she looked at his painting. The body language and look on his face was priceless!

My older students are having an explosion into writing and the Marker paper has become a well loved work tray

Peanut and Iish developed their own work for Remembrance Day...Peanut read a book to Iish, they worked on the Europe map, looked at pictures of children who live in Europe and then made a Rembrance Day book..

This is a new work I put out on the practical life shelf this is great for developing fine motor skills and it was very popular with all the children this week.

this work is enjoyed by all ages....the structures just get more complex

Working with the poppy wreath craft tray

We painted some rock to make pet rocks.....Little Foot did get some paint on his rock.....he had lots of fun painting the paper he was working on

Investigating our rocks and minerals tray

I put out some new letter stamps on our language shelf....everyone was very interested

We made Baked Macaroni and Cheese for lunch on Wednesday