Saturday, April 13, 2013

Here is a peek into our days the last two weeks at Tree House.

Getting ready to build a wooden dinosaur skeleton....

Mouse spends a lot of time every day with the scissor work tray

Princess and Merlin are both reading well enough now to enjoy playing the command game

Peanut reading to Iish from the horse book....they both love horses.

Princess taking a break to walk on the line.....

Tiger enjoyed this new art extension for the geometry tray....painting quadrilaterals.

Marble and Mouse are becoming good friends, here they are exploring the cylinder blocks.

In science we have been exploring states of matter. This week we used a balloon to show that gas has volume and takes up space. Then we filled the balloon with water and put it in the freezer to show that matter can change states if we change the level of heat. Tank loved the feel of the cold, smooth ice ball.

We have been learning about directions and how to use a compass. We took the compass with us into the woods this week and used it to navigate are way back to preschool.

Little Foot has a great smile and gives the best hugs....he is such a joy to have in the classroom!

Tiger scrubbing a table.....Tiger does a great job every week making sure his classroom is clean and tidy!

Princess about to start working with a map of Canada, under her breath she was singing "o' Canada".....

The children share their work with their friends during our morning circle. Here are some pictures of the sun created using pastels, a very proud Mouse with a circle inset she made and Tiger's painting of a boat.