Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Foot working with the pink tower and brown stair.....and then he got a great idea..

"Skyscrapers are way tall, right? Skyscrapers are so tall you need an elevator. Very tall buildings skyscrapers are."

"I made three skyscrapers. Which ones the tallest?-Little Foot "Do you think you could use the number rods to measure them?"-Ms. Sharon, "Sure"-Little Foot

"This ones eight tall. I'm going to break all my skyscrapers down and build a bigger one, only with the brown ones not the pink ones. Maybe it will be as big as the 10 rod."

"I did it"

Picasso happily gluing shapes.

Star was intrigued with the baby animal book....Star is our only little girl in a class of boys this year. The boys treat her like the princess.They are her knights.

Painting our Jack-o-lantern masks....just like we have been using in circle. These ones we are taking home so we can do our Jack-o-lantern verse for our parents.

Teddy Bear is my puzzle man......he really loves the science puzzles.

Two new work choices this week...tweezing coloured corn and putting on Halloween pencil toppers....both are great for fine motor practice.

Our pumpkin from the hammering pumpkin work is full of holes....it is still a popular work choice this week.

Doc really enjoys our poetry basket at the moment....we have learned the verse "Five Little Pumpkins" he loves to recite it and do all the actions!